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Ann Savoy & Linda Ronstadt

“Pop chameleon Ronstadt and Cajun star Savoy possess two of the purest, sweetest, most satisfying voices in contemporary music.”
-USA Today

“Over the years, Linda Ronstadt has teamed up with collaborators across the musicial spectrum from Aaron Neville to Emmylou Harris. None of her collaborations has been more original, focused or melodious than this pairing with Cajun singer Ann Savoy as the Zozo Sisters. With the two swapping lead vocals and harmonizing on traditional romantic tunes that are intelligtent and idiosyncratic, there's nary a false note”. -four stars -People Magazine

1. Opening
2. Adieu False Heart
3. I Can't Get Over You
4. Marie Mouri
5. King of Bohemia
6. Plus tu tournes
7. Go Away From My Window
8. Burns' Supper
9. The One I Love Is Gone
10. Interlude
11. Rattle My Cage
12. Parlez-moi d'amourParlez Moi D'amour
13. Too Old To Die YounToo Old Too Die Youngg
14. Interlude
15. Walk Away Renee
16. Closing