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Magnolia Sisters

”Contemporary Cajun music doesn’t get any better than this. “
-Dirty Linen

“At the group’s core are their vocal crown jewels, the swelling multi-part harmonies that take form in breathtaking a capella...that’s the stuff that the Magnolia Sisters can never be beat at, which means they will continue to blossom and germinate for seasons to come.”-Offbeat Magazine

Honky Tonk Boogie
La Valse de la Vie (The Waltz of Life)
Nonc Adam (Uncle Adam)
Cher Willie (Dear Willie)
Freeman's Zydeco
Bixy's Song
Tante Nanan (Aunt Nana)
Ma Petite et Mignonne (My Little and Cute One)
La Femme d'un Petrolier (The Oil Worker's Wife)
Les Flammes d'Enfer (The Flames of Hell)
J'ai Vu Lucille (I Saw Lucille)
Ambrose's Song (Point Noir Two Step)
Magnolia Hop
Mademoiselle, Qui Voulait Un Charpentier? (Mademoiselle, Who Would Like a Carpenter?)
Lève Tes Fênetres Hautes (Raise Your Windows High)
Keep a Knockin'