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Savoy Doucet Cajun Band

“Savoy Doucet Cajun Bandd moves back several decades to the sources of today’s styles. Many of the songs might have disappeared completely if they had not been revived by these dedicated musicians. Their acoustic trio has a diverse, fresh, and lively sound, with spirited solos and intuitive interplay.”

-The Atlantic Monthly


1. Sam's Big Rooster
2. Be Careful, You're Breaking My Heart
3. Two Step Pour Milton Adams
4. She Made Me Lose My Mind
5. Mardi Gras Jig - (live)
6. Duralde
7. Les Culottes A Lollypop
8. J.B.'s Waltz
9. Si Tu Veux Amuser
10. La Bonne Vie
11. Alton's Two Step
12. La Valse D'Evia
13. Party Girl's Blues
14. Jolie Bassette
15. Doc Guidry Medley: Tit Maurice / Doc's Fiddle
16. Un Tramp Sur La Rue
17. Hop, Skip, And Jump
18. C'Etait Dessus Un Triste Samedi
19. Amede Two Step - (live)