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Savoy Doucet Cajun Band

“The names Savoy and Doucet ring out as both instrumental virtuosi and as vital links in the chain from the `old masters' to the new generation. Neither needs much introduction, but suffice it to say that both are in particularly fine form: Marc Savoy punching out relentless rhythms and intricate melodies on the accordion and Michael Doucet soaring above with bluesy fiddle licks then dropping back to lay down a chugging backing beat. Ann Savoy's contribution is crucial, supplying the guitar backdrop for the others and a lead voice of such languid sensuality that one wonders why so few women appear in Cajun Bands.”
(Brian Peters

— Folk Roots)

1. Two-Step D'Amede
2. La Valse De Marie
3. Quitte La Maison
4. J'Aimerais Connaitre
5. La Danse De Limonade
6. Kaplan Waltz, The
7. Ton Papa M'a Jete Dehors
8. Goodbye, Brown Eyes
9. Lapin Dans Son Nique
10. Jolies Joues Roses
11. Diggy Liggy Lo
12. Flammes D'enfer
13. La Negress
14. La Queue De Tortue