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Savoy Smith Cajun Band

“. . . a long over due project featuring Marc and Ann Savoy’s ‘other fiddler’ Ken Smith. Mike Doucet brings his own type of energy and influence to this traditional Cajun trio format, and Ken Smith cajoles and inspires a different kind of energy with his precision and dedication to authentic influences. Cajun music is approached by too many fiddlers as an excuse for playing loose and sloppy. In the hands of Ken Smith it is an art form with the highest standards and a perfect match for the Savoys.”
(Mark Sustic — Champlain Folk Newsletter)

1.Evangeline Playboys Special
2. Rainbow Waltz
3. Wee Pee Special
4. Old Carpenter's Waltz / Contredanse De Mamou
5. Blues De Basile
6. Walker Special
7. C'est Un Pecher De Dire Un Menterie
8. Le Moulin Casse
9. Savoy Family Waltz
10. Choupique
11. One-Step Des McGees / O, Ma Josephine
12. Separation Waltz
13. Baisse Bas
14. Lovesick Waltz