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Stripped Down
1. A Boire, À Boire [Let's Drink, Let's Drink]
2. Tap Dance/Bernadette
3. Valse d'Amitié [Friendship Waltz]
4. Point Clear Blues
5. Faut Pas Tu Brailles [No Use Crying]
6. Paulina Tate
7. Jolie Petite Blonde [Pretty Little Blonde]
8. Pourquoi Tu M'As Trahi? [Why Did You Betray Me?]
9. Grand Texas
10. Waltz of the Bayou
11. Bon Temps Rouler [Let the Good Times Roll]
12. Marie One Step
13. Barroom Blues
14. Blues d'Orpheline [Blues of the Orphan Girl]
15. Creole Stomp
16. Goodbye, Chère Amie [Goodbye Dear Friend]