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"Savoy has a plaintive, unvarnished delivery that conjures images of clothing hung to dry in a backwoods backyard...She's the last of a dying breed of performers."
Entertainment Weekly

So excited to be on the wonderful etown show in Boulder, Colorado, on July 25!Come join us!

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New Album:
Another Heart

“Sometimes an album arrives somewhat out of left field , and is so absolutely stunning that nothing else seems important for a day or two. That is Ann Savoy’s new release ANOTHER HEART.
-Americana Highway

Announcing Another Heart, the latest album from traditional music legend Ann Savoy. Another Heart is available for pre-order now, and will be released digitally and on CD and LP on April 19h. Another Heart is available for pre-order here.

Ann Savoy has made her name as a leading musician and historian, digging deep into the traditions of Cajun life through more than 40 albums, thousands of concerts in dozens of countries, and definitive books that tell their stories. Her own stories of that life are remarkable, as she and her husband Marc — a National Heritage Fellow for both his accordion playing and for having revived the art of hand-crafted accordion making — and their children Sarah, Joel, Wilson, and Gabrielle stand as leaders in their community.

Now we join her in a different musical adventure, Another Heart — the spiritual follow-up to her 2006 collaboration with Linda Ronstadt, Adieu, False Heart. With the magical touch of producer Dirk Powell, Savoy explores a wide array of musical influences that date back to her childhood and adolescence in Richmond, Virginia. Featuring several new originals alongside renditions of tunes by The Kinks, Donovan, Bruce Springsteen, Sandy Denny, and more, this album offers a glimpse into Savoy’s formative years and the sounds that set her on the path to become a cherished musical icon.

Smithsonian Folkways has set up an online gallery of my photographs and artwork.

Check it out here!

I am setting up a YouTube video channel so you can see some of our recent and past performances

New today!

 Had a BALL at the Kennedy Center                      last Saturday!

(l to r) Dirk Powell, Kelli Jones, Ann Savoy, Danny Devillier, Chris French, Chad Viator


     Watch whole show here!

Return to Richmond, Virginia!

    Amazing return to hometown at In Your Ear Studio!


           Saw so many dear friends--lovely sold out show!

News, Projects, and Press

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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival    Ann Savoy Another Heart Band





Festival International de la Louisiane

Another Heart Band with our beloved now           deceased Chris Stafford on keyboard

-photo by Sheila Nichols

click here for more photos

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