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The Magnolia Sisters

-Folk Roots-“Between them, the Sisters play accordeon, fiddle, guitar, triangle and rubboard, all with such ease and sensitivity....the singing style is pure Acadien, and the result is something the McGarrigles or Malicorne would surely envy.”

- Dirty Linen 1995

"A fascinating new CD in the latter vein forgrounds the perspective of women...Now Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine are continuing the tradition of women playing fine Cajun music, and allowing modern sensibilities to free them from performing only with their husbands...... One of the best things about this disc is the marvelous vocal blend achieved by Savoy and Vidrine. Gentler and slower than the quick-paced dancehall music that makes up the bulk of
the Cajun repertoire, these songs let you listen more to the voices and the words.


The Magnolia Sisters is a Cajun music band comprised of four diversely talented singers and musicians. The group evolved from its founding members, Ann Savoy and Jane Vidrine, whose ten year long musical collaboration revealed the need to give a woman's voice to Cajun music while maintaining a soulful, gutsy feeling to it.

The Magnolia Sisters is the product of years of meditation, singing of the old songs, and associating with the Cajun masters. The Magnolia Sisters are friends and kindred spirits, with similar experiences and love of Cajun music.

The members of the group are Ann Savoy, Jane Vidrine, Anya Burgess, and Lisa Reed. Each brings to the ensemble their own rich individual experience as Louisiana musicians, parents, and women in the real world. The common ground is the music, the heritage and the feeling that comes across.

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